Political Curiosity

Policy vs. Culture, a Global Tax and the Aperol Spritz

November 22, 2021 Political Curiosity Season 2 Episode 5
Political Curiosity
Policy vs. Culture, a Global Tax and the Aperol Spritz
Show Notes

This week we took on some complex issues @ the PC Lounge, so to make the conversations a little lighter Marky J mixed up some Aperol Spritz for us! During the Barside Banter, we discussed why voters are more attracted to the GOP's cultural values while at the same time preferring the DNC's policies?
In Policy with Character, we were briefly joined by venture capitalist Alec who gave us his impressions of a global minimum corporate tax. This recent initiative embraced by more than 130 countries around the world appears promising but also idealistic.  We run through the basics behind this policy and try to understand its feasibility and results in the long-term.
Also...we know what you must be wondering: What's going with Tony this week? Listen and find out!

For an individual aperol spritz:

- Lots of ice 
- 5 ounces of Prosecco
- 2.75-3 ounces of Aperol
- Small splash of club soda 
- Bigger splash of limoncello (optional but recommended)
- Garnish with a lemon twist in the drink
- Garnish with an orange wheel on the glass 

For a large pitcher, just multiply:

- Bottle of Aperol = 25.4 ounces (basically good for 8 servings, so you’ll want at least 2, probably 3)

- Bottle of Prosecco = Same, 25.4 ounces (so, basically good for 5 servings, so you’d want 5 bottles of Prosecco to match 3 bottles of Aperol)

- Only need 1 bottle of limoncello if you get this, and 6-12 small bottles of club soda